Want to [avoid negative thing] While [gaining positive thing]?

Want to [Avoid Negative Thing] While
[Gaining Positive Thing]?

You’ve seen those other [types of products] that cost [some large amount], [a slightly larger amount of money] or even [a larger amount of money]. And so you’re probably thinking that you’re going to have to invest at least [$] in order to [get this course/download this manual/etc]. 

Tell you what, it’s worth twice the price as those other [types of products], simply because [insert primary reason why this product is better than the other products]. 

But you don’t have to pay [$]. You don’t have to pay [smaller amount of money]. You don’t even have to pay [still a smaller amount of money]. 

Because if you act now, your total investment is just [$]

  • You’ll find out a quick and easy way to [get a benefit]. 
  • ​You’ll get a complete list of [resources/tools/gear] to ramp up your success.
  • ​You’ll find out how to get [benefit] even if you don’t have [something that’s a barrier eg money].

What’s The Investment?

So how much, I hear you ask? It may be a great offer, but you really want to know what it’ll cost. Prepare to be surprised…

How much do you spend a month on [some regular purchase, like coffee]?

What if I told you that for a one time investment for LESS THAN the amount you spend PER MONTH on [item] you’d get everything you see on this page

A bargain, right? And there’s no catch – I’m so confident I’ll even give you a money back guarantee.  

I’ll even throw in this bonus…

Order Now and Get [Bonus Product] For FREE, but only when you order today!

This will [specific benefit] and [specific benefit].

[Bonus product] is a [dollar amount] value, but it’s yours FOR FREE when you order now! So what are you waiting for?

PLUS… Your Satisfaction is 100%
Guaranteed For XX Days!

ahead and order [name of product] risk free right now. Use these [niche] strategies. Enjoy the results for a full [length of time]. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason – if this [type of product] isn’t everything that I say it is, simply [describe how to contact you] for a full, prompt and cheerful refund. And just as my way of saying thank you for trying [name of product], you can KEEP [name of bonus product]!

I can’t be any more fair than that, so order now…

Order Now to Lock in the Lowest Price

If you act now your total investment is just [$x] – but this special price could end at any time. So
click the order button below now to get started, because you deserve to [get a big benefit]! 

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